Computer / Laptop Repair or Refurbish

Work-from-home Solution Setup

● Allow staff to work from home access office computing resources like Accounting system, File Server and printing.

Office Data backup Subscription

● Backing up of office server data to any preferred media with monitoring.

IT Hardware & Software Audit

● Perform a complete inventory of all software + hardware within the office or own by the client office.


Managed Hosting Services (Web-Site, Emails & Domain Name)

● This is a managed services where we will perform all the creation of email ID

● This will follow up with setting up email profile in PC or Notebook

● We will perform weekly backup of whole domain files (Emails + Web-site)

● Daily Checking of Domain reputation + Email quota breaching + illegal email forwarding + Email account breach

● This is to ensure constant flow of email without any interruptions.


Anti-Spam system for Emails

● There are lots of vendor that offer anti-spam system in the market but all lack the most critical part of the solution => Human-touch to monitor.

● We have where the most value for money Anti-Spam system package that filters out emails (incoming only or combination of Incoming or outgoing).

● With subscribe to this system, we will be able to monitor all email traffic for any form of unwanted illegal traffic like hijack email account & etc.

● Give us a call for Test..