Benefits of Outsource your IT Support & Maintenance



● Most of Data thief is done by internal staff.

● Our staff are bound by a sense of responsibility and data thief will not happen and the data is of no interest to us.

● We have technician that check every client office backup and file server condition on weekly basis

● We do health check on all client office server on weekly basis on hard drive, backup status, anti-virus status and Windows updates.


Reduce cost

● All companies overall goal is to limit business IT cost , outsource IT Support & maintenance to a service provider is the best choice.

● A support package that fits a certain budget without secrefice expertise and quality of work

● No need to waste time, money and effort to train staff to have additional IT knowledge but focus on core job scope.

Get the IT Solution that fits your orgnisation

● How many times does a in-house IT staff have the latest and updated knowledge on IT products and best practice to implement IT projects ?

● How many times we see companies goes to free-lance IT guy to do any IT support which every time fails.

● We have experience on updated backup solution, WIFI Setup, file server solution, notebooks and servers.


Help Increase business productivity

● A lot of small firm engage internal staff to double up and IT guy due to save cost which we find always does not implement the best solution.

● Why not just outsource IT maintenance to us to ensure :

● Increase office productivity by getting staff focus on their core job scope

● Minimize downtime


Get the best fit solution one-time.

● Get the best design and setup for your organisation